What Bad Habits Are Hurting Your Online Business?

What Bad Habits Are Hurting Your Online Business?

What Bad Habits Are Hurting Your Online Business?

Time for confession? No, I’m serious and today’s post is designed to shake you back into reality especially if there are things you do, or don’t do that are unconsciously hurting your efforts to succeed online.

In question form, I guess I’m asking “what bad habits are hurting your online business?”

John Hayes posted an excellent article recently at blog.icontact.com about the seven deadly sins that will leave your small business in purgatory.

Sounds a little heavy but sometimes it’s got to be told just like it is.

And the truth is, there’s probably no one online that hasn’t committed at least one of the following sins.

I’ve done them all and still fighting hard against a couple. Watching stats, overplanning and seeking perfection are the three I struggle with the most.

This post really is a wake-up call.

While the sins covered in this blog post might not rival the seven deadly sins featured in Dante’s Divine Comedy (and yes, I am making a vain, content-marketing attempt to jump on the Dan Brown bandwagon), we marketers are far from guilt-free.

So here goes. My name is John Hayes, I’m a marketer and it’s been forever since my last confession.

I’ll admit it, I’m a terrible procrastinator. It’s not that I don’t get things done. I just don’t get them done during the nine-to-five, and as a result, work eats into my life more than it should.

I guess I’m lucky in the fact that I love my job. But I also love my family and could do a better job at finding a balance.

During my working life, I have personally identified seven deadly sins that I’m doing my best to abstain from in order to become more productive. Perhaps you can identify with them.

Watching stats: Analytics are a huge part of any online marketer’s job. I personally find the analytical data provided by email marketing tools like iContact or events software like Eventbrite hypnotizing, and within minutes of sending an email I will often find myself hitting the refresh button again and again, watching my opens, click-throughs and resulting sales rise…..

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So, how about you? What are things holding your online business back? Did you recognize any of the sins listed in the article?

Also, if you have overcome any of them can you share with us how you did it. There will be more than a few grateful souls among us who would be keen to know.

Meanwhile, Jack Canfield is someone who knows a little about succeeding in any area of life. In fact, his list of success principles will more than likely have a cure ot two for some of the above problems.

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