The Magic Key To Winning In Your Online Business

The Magic Key To Winning In Your Online Business

Is There A The Magic Key To Winning In Your Online Business?

Today, an old chestnut that affects everyone of us as we strive for excellence and profits in our online businesses. But when you are able to master it that’s when you get results.

What is it?

The key to winning in your online business? Focus!

“What…is that it” some of you might be exclaiming but the simple truth is, a lack of focus is responsible for the demise or failure to “get off the ground” of most internet businesses and the online landscape is littered with the “corpses” of those who have tried.

A great article at asks the question of whether you want to win. Then they offer several issues you need to tackle and get on top of.

You’ll recognize some or all of them. They certainly put a “shiver up my spine” when I looked at them because I’ve been, and still am on occasions guilty of them when I let my focus lapse.

The quote on the image is a beauty. Write it down and pin it up somewhere you can see it all the time when you are working on a project. It simply says…”Follow one course until successful”.

It is safe to assume that, if given one wish, most entrepreneurs would ask for more hours to their day. No matter what stage in its start-up life a small business may be in, time is precious and must be used carefully to ensure that the company stays on track and focused with what it’s doing and where it’s going. This is where the small items that sidetrack a business begin to pour in. Sometimes you can get away with not addressing them immediately, other times you can’t. But usually, they wind up taking up more time than you initially thought they would which can be more detrimental to your business than you think. Having owned my own business for several years now, I’ve made up a list of items that sidetrack start-ups the most and added some solutions on how to best schedule in your time to focus on these areas.

1) The Issue: Answering every email/phone call.

It’s easy to feel like you need to be glued to your Outlook or iPhone all day replying back to your emails and voicemail messages as fast as you can as a means to get your inbox down to zero…..

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Many will look for a reason to get off focus; there’s more than one internet network marketer who has looked for an excuse not to contact someone they have been planning to about their business opportunity.

The answer is to simply get it done. What have you got to lose. You don’t have them anyway.

How about you? Has this post caused you to squirm a little with guilt?

Meanwhile, success principles come in all shapes and sizes and the one guy I keep going back to is Jack Canfield. Want to know what his success principles are that will get you from where you are to where you want to be?

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