How To Use Facebook – Taboo Topics For Facebook Business Builders

5 Things You Shouldn't Talk About On Facebook If You Want To Attract Leads Facebook has become an integral part of the relationship building process in building a network marketing business online. Done correctly, it's a fertile prospecting ground but the problem is, many, even the most experienced of us make at least one of the mistakes we list in trying to build our businesses using Facebook. Social networking is a powerful platform for finding hot, targeted leads online. As an internet network marketer, aggressive sales tactics just don't work online and you will be made to feel "like a leper" if you employ them. Using Facebook to build a business means there are some topics which are taboo. Look, we're not saying you need to zip your lip completely but if you start a Facebook … [Read more...]

The #1 Problem For MLM Bloggers Today

It's a plague that's filtered through the MLM online world in the past 18 months. It's the #1 problem for MLM bloggers. Using free blogging services and then seeing your good work washed down the drain. How do I know? Well, I get emails every day from readers who are almost in tears because Blogger, Wordpress or Squidoo, just to name three, shut down their accounts because they violated their policies. What are their policies? Basically MLM is grouped into that despicable category of spam that includes illegal activities. MLM? An illegal activity? Are you serious? Hasn't MLM been around since the mid fifties as a legitimate business that does over nine figures a year? So, the #1 problem for MLMers getting a foothold in the blogging world is using these services, putting in a ton … [Read more...]

Network Marketing Tip – Are You Suffering From Vegas Syndrome In Your Network Marketing Business Online?

Whether you're working your network marketing business online or offline, unless you're taking action to move your business forward nothing will happen. That's a given. But let's distinguish between what action really is. Today's network marketing tip will focus on what real action really is. If you get anything out of today's post it's that action can often come disguised in several forms but there really is only one type of action which counts - that which directly affects the bottom line in your business. So my question to you is - are you a network marketer yet? You see, simply joining a business and then tip toeing around what really counts and that's putting people in your business, does not mean you have a home business. In other words, there is a difference between being a … [Read more...]

How To Build A Website For Beginners – See How Easy It Really Is To Build A Website

What is your biggest challenge in online marketing? The truth is, the transition probably hasn't been as smooth as you would have liked. It's a definite learning curve. The biggest question I receive from new marketers is how to build a website for beginners and what would I recommend to those looking to get established quickly. The two main issues most network marketers have is getting content online and web presence. The first is easy. Getting content online is as easy as writing useful and helpful information and submitting it to the leading 10-12 article directories. If you don't know how to do this then contact me and I'll email you a report titled "How To Construct An Article People Can’t Resist Reading." But building a website is a "different kettle of fish." There are three … [Read more...]

Free Renegade Professional Blog Training – How To Get Top Rankings In The Search Engines

So how will a blog help you in your network marketing business? Those following the step-by-step Renegade Professional blog training course are finding out in a positive way. Blogs are simply your online business cards. They are the perfect communication vehicle between you and your prospects. For example, you can post training articles on a blog, training audio and videos. A blog becomes your brand to the outside world. It establishes your credibility within a niche. If you have followed Ann Sieg's training on attraction marketing then you'll know that providing value to your prospects within a niche is a powerful way to build a business. … [Read more...]

Attraction Marketing Articles – How To Get An Attraction Marketing Article A Day

Articles are just about the best and most cost effective way to attract prospects to your business. Now this may seem a little biased given that creating and promoting content is something I cherish but in all honesty, attraction marketing articles can make a huge difference to your business. It's the first thing I tell people to do when asked where should I start with attraction marketing online. Build a Squidoo lens, put some content on it, write several articles pretty quickly and submit them to the best half dozen article directories and you're away. … [Read more...]