How To Make Your Business Standout With Social Media

Are you looking for more ways on how to make your business stand out with Social Media? It seems everywhere we turn online today there are tips on using Social Media to build your online business and the truth is, if you are not using this platform today then it’s like trying to start your business with a “crank start”.

Many people tell me they find it difficult to “sort the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to picking which tips to take notice of. Much of the time, there is an offer at the end of an article which is trying to get folks to by a product to sign up to a program.

Well, the following set of 13 tips on how to combine photos and Social Media to grow your business at are some of the best I’ve seen lately. And there doesn’t look to be an offer. If you dig deep enough there is great training available for no cost online.

Now photos are nothing new but lately, they’ve become hot. Why the sudden interest in photos now? Well, I’m not sure that there hasn’t always been the interest but the fact is, photos are a huge help in getting noticed when you are using Social Media and with the recent emergence of Pinterest, their use is suddenly being promoted by everyone.

The following tips will put you on the path to getting the best out of photos in growing your business.

Are you looking for new ways to help your business stand out with social media?

Are you wondering why Pinterest is so popular?

The answer is pictures!

Photos are the perfect social media marketing tool for small- and medium-sized businesses.
Why Use Photos?

Photos are eye-candy that attract and engage readers with your offering. As the Jack (or Jill) of all trades, small business owners tend to have limited budgets—and more importantly, time—to promote their business. Therefore, each marketing element must effectively drive results.

With Pinterest‘s recent growth and Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, now’s the time to expand your social media content with photos.

To put this in perspective, Pinterest has experienced exponential growth as tracked by Nielsen, passing Tumblr and Flickr.

Concurrently, Instagram‘s growth trend monitored by Experian Hitwise has also taken off. Furthermore, don’t overlook older photo social media options like Facebook, Twitter and blogs…..

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One of the most valuable tips in the post was to “give your photos legs” and make them shareable. Hence the amazing success of Pinterest and why people are using this platform for best effect.

Let me know if you are using photos with Social Media and what sort of feedback you are getting. And if you have any tips you want to share with us then we are always happy to receive them.

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