How To Avoid Sabotaging Your Start-Up Business

If you have tried and failed with a start up business in the past and you’re getting ready to try again, then today’s advice from someone who has succeeded in riding out the tough early times is going to be just what you need to hear.

One of the biggest killers of any start up business is a lack of focus. This is so true among internet network marketers.

Many people want to run a home business. Many try and fail…miserably.

Lack of focus and unpreparedness are two major culprits. People not prepared for the home business environment face a tough ask to succeed.


Because running a home business is tough. Or should we say, getting it off the ground and running, earning you money is one of the most challenging things you can do.

In a job, you are more than likely under the watchful eye of a supervisor. At home, it’s just you and people tend to relax…a lot.

Well, the following tips can go a long way to getting you focused and staying true to your goals with a start up business. They were posted recently at and they look at those small things that can kill your time and have you focusing on the wrong things, or unproductive things.

How To Avoid Sabotaging Your Start-Up BusinessIt is safe to assume that, if given one wish, most entrepreneurs would ask for more hours to their day. No matter what stage in its start-up life a small business may be in, time is precious and must be used carefully to ensure that the company stays on track and focused with what it’s doing and where it’s going.

This is where the small items that sidetrack a business begin to pour in. Sometimes you can get away with not addressing them immediately, other times you can’t. But usually, they wind up taking up more time than you initially thought they would which can be more detrimental to your business than you think. Having owned my own business for several years now, I’ve made up a list of items that sidetrack start-ups the most and added some solutions on how to best schedule in your time to focus on these areas…..

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That first tip about not answering every email or phone call because you think you need to is very important.

Addressing urgent items first can go a long way to increasing productivity. Completing tough tasks first, especially early in the day, is a must.

And another tip on how to avoid hurting your start up business; appoint someone you fear out of respect to be your overseeing mentor…someone you report to daily after you’ve completed the to do things on your list.

This is super powerful in getting the important things done. The fact it’s someone you fear out of respect because you don’t want to be “seen in a bad light” by them can be a huge motivation.


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