Are You Paying Attention To Your Blog Titles?

Are You Paying Attention To Your Blog Titles?More blog marketing tips today and today’s tips were also recently “discovered” on my hard drive. It’s amazing what you bookmark over the years and this following post at really resonated with me especially in today’s volatile online environment.

We spoke about getting traffic to your blog in the previous post which is great but are you giving them a reason to want to read your content.

I’ve written several guides on crafting a great article or post online and one thing hasn’t really changed.

That’s writing a great blog title.

Do you know that most people will bu guided by whether they stay on a page simply by reading the title of the post. So if you are not giving them a reason to stay they will click away quickly.

I have said many times the title of a blog post is like a shop window front. How many times have you walked into a store simply by what you saw in the window?

Blog titles are the same. They need to explain in a short time what the post is about.

In the following post, you’ll learn why you need to direct your title towards two audiences. One is the SEO crowd but at the same time, you also need to appeal to the non-SEO crowd.

Confused? It’s quite simple really.

You’ve no doubt read that you need to make your blog post titles “search engine friendly,” but doing so often kills the creativity and initial appeal of your writing. Instead of trying to appeal to your loyal readers and Google at the outset, approach the two difference audiences in separate stages.

Stage One – Your initial blog readers

Your initial audience is likely going to be those that have already subscribed to your blog’s RSS feed–or happen to check your blog every day. They want to be thrilled, excited, and given a reason to not only read your post, but also share and link to it.

When you first publish your blog post, follow this advice:

Make your post title interesting – it could be that you ask a question, share a scoop, or offer a cryptic title that peeks your reader’s curiosity. I’ll often use a blog title that sounds like a scandal/scoop, but is really just a question. For example, “Microsoft Buying Yahoo?” I ran that headline last year–before Microsoft made its bid. It generated a lot of traffic then and even more so now.
Keep it short and sweet – if you make your initial post title too long, you run the risk that you’ll either confuse a reader or give them so much information, tthere’s no need to read the post itself. Back to my example, “Microsoft Buying Yahoo?” leaves a lot of unanswered questions that just beg the reader to click through to view the entire post. If I had used “Rumors that Microsoft May Buy Yahoo, but No Confirmation Yet,” how many of you would have clicked through to read the entire post? Not many…..

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There are a ton of blog promotion tips out there today but once you understand just how important a title is in getting people not just to your site, but to read your content, you will be well on the way to having a blog of substance.

The blog title is like your lead off batter; it needs to get the readers to first base and from there, your content will do the rest.

Hope that makes sense.

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