3 Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out With Social Media

3 Ways To Make Your Blog Stand Out With Social Media2012 has been a landmark year for SEO with Google putting more than a “wrench in people’s spokes” with their Panda and Penguin updates. As a networking blogger, if you have been using social media as taught within the attraction marketing model then you shouldn’t have been too affected.

In fact, your blog should be thriving!

But we are human after all and the term SEO seems to “roll people’s eyes over” anytime it’s mentioned and many go looking for shortcuts or artificial ways of building links back to their blogs.

Backlinks to your blog are like the fertilizer you put in your garden to grow your plants and keep them looking healthy and strong.

Bad news is, Google has finally had enough and many of these practices have been hit hard.

It seems engaging content is one of the things they are after; content that doesn’t just attract people but also gets them to engage in it and leave feedback.


Well, you shouldn’t be if you are an attraction marketer. The following post at socialmediaexaminer.com will show you why using social media to build strong backlinks to your blogs is so important these days. And building links naturally is what will get you votes in the eyes of Google these days.

Also, take notice of the third tip on on reducing the reliance of the search engines for traffic and instead, building a social media following instead.

Are you happy with the traffic coming to your blog or website?

Have you kept up with the changes in search engine optimization (SEO)?

This is essential for most businesses today.

Keep reading to learn how Google changes are making social media more important and what you can do about it.
Recent Google Changes Put Spotlight on Social Media

On April 24, 2012, webmasters around the world were dinged by the Google “Penguin” update—one of the latest in a series of algorithm modifications designed to weed out low-value results from the natural search engine results page (SERPs).

Whether or not your website’s traffic flow was affected by this update, it’s important to understand what this change entails, why it came about and how you can compensate for it using social media marketing—as Google’s heightened focus on web spam is likely to result in similar updates in the future.

The Google Penguin update had three primary objectives to minimize the SEO impact of the following web marketing elements:

Low-quality and manufactured website backlinks
On-page over-optimization
“Black hat” (or illicit) SEO techniques

Of primary interest to webmasters who use social networking platforms to promote their websites is the first item on this list—the presence of artificially created backlinks. In a post-Penguin environment, building natural backlinks should be a primary objective for webmasters…..

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One of the reasons you want to build a social media following rather than rely on the search engines for traffic is that if one day Google doesn’t like your blog and decides to put you in the sandbox, the traffic flow you’ve built through social media will be alike a back up generator and will kick in immediately.

You’ll hardly notice the “damage”. It will be like a sudden ripple that comes and goes quickly.

I love bringing you stuff like this because it just enforces how important attraction marketing is in building an internet network marketing business. Engage people, earn their trust and they’ll want to follow you and hear what you have to say.

For a network marketer, that’s like a “kid in a candy jar!”:)

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